Monday, January 10, 2011

Changes in 2011

Hello everyone this is Song Jihyun, formerly called Khmiya or Kai. Do you like the change? I have a friend named Kai and I really liked her nickname so I used it, but I feel that I need more originality this year. I decided to create a Korean name (since this is a Korean based blog/vlog), and fashion it to reflect my kpop favorites as well as other things I like ^^

Song - This is such a romantic last name. I also love music, singing, as well as Song Joong Ki.
Ji - I like names that start with J, and lets not forget another favorite Kwon Jiyong (GDragon)
Hyun - Two of my absolute favorites have this name *HyunJoong and KyuHyun*

We'd like to start of this year with a fresh and optimistic attitude. A revamp of our website and the vlog is definitely needed. This year we plan to bring you more exciting topics, answer questions, and keep up the website as much as possible.

Here are my plans for the blog/vlog, feel free to comment and send ideas you have.

1) Opening a discussion corner for questions, comments, and ideas to be answered.
2) Creating kpop contests, surveys and challenges.

I'm excited about the changes for SupaECHS this year, don't worry we plan to get started soon so no more waiting. Thank you to all our followers on YouTube, and to all those sending us their support and love! Kamsahamnida :D

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