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SHINee Nylon Interview Translation

SHINee Nylon Interview

ranslation taken from soompi by : ny111play

Q (for Onew): If you have to go on the “Gold Fish” (Kang Ho Dong show), what would be your problem that you want to address?

ON: Oh, I thought about it yesterday… I was listening to the music and kept thinking about it and fell asleep at 6am, but couldn’t decide.

TM: Your problem is you don’t have a problem.
ON: Am I living an easy life? Haha.

Q (for JongHyun): If you are going on a space travel, who would you go with? You might crash or may not be able to come back.
K: With me!
JH: No. haha. I will take an animal. Not our dog though. I will take a new dog and become friends. I will take Welsh Corgi.

Q (for Key): What is a question you wish people would stop asking?
K: My ideal type.
JH: Oh, that is the answer.
K: They always ask that question. Also personal talent.
Nylon: But you were doing a great job imitating Misuda’s Christina.
ON: Oh, we should push that.

Q (for TaeMin): What are somethings people like you don’t understand?
TM: Cucumber. Especially cucumber in kimbap. It’s like eating rice mixed with a coke.
ON: (talking to himself) What about cucumber kimchi? (LOL! Onew sangtae)

Q (for ON): What if you have to become a 9 to 6pm salaryman?
TM: That sounds fun!
ON: Omona! I will sleep at home.
JH: I will get fired immediately. Office work does not become me.
ON: I will not become an office person, I will do what I want to do.
Nylon: But what if you don’t have the singing ability?
JH: Oh no! Your voice is really awful.
TM: Then dance instead of singing.
ON: Then I will listen to songs, travel, or just do what I like to do. I do have money, right? (laughs). I will imagine like this.

Q (for JH): Do you have a friend who will come right away if you call right now?
JH: Yes.
Key: Went to army, no?
JH: Jiyoung who hasn’t gone to the army yet.
NYLON: Isn’t she a woman?
All: It’s a man!
JH: Women will all cry. Man is all about confidence. I don’t have any women’s phone number, laughs (I’m not sure about this part)

Q (for Key): What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard that describes SHINee?
K: We are noona’s “romang” (I guess it means ideal, dream?) Also, when we went abroad, they called us world popstar, etc. When announcer said “Introducing world popstar SHINee!”, we were so embarrassed at the backstage. We just went “what?”
JH: It’s not like we are Michale Jackson.
TM: But it felt good.

Q (for TM): What are the famous “sokdam?” (I think it means “sayings”? not sure.)
JH & ON (I’m going to skip since I don’t know either, sorry).
JH: (skip first part) If you hit stone bridge, you only hurt your hand.
TM: Ah! You have to hit stone bridge too before you cross! You can be deceived by just appearance.
Nylon: Have you ever been stiffed or deceived?
TM: When I went to China, I bought my favorite Michael Jackson, Usher, Eminem, and Justin Timberlake live DVDs. However, they turned out to be camcorder recorded at the concerts. First time I was subject to fraud.

Q (for ON): What would be a good title for a movie if you make one?
TM: (laughs) He keeps getting hard questions.
ON: I don’t know why I’m thinking of “Gone with the Wind?” I heard that it’s about a main character who roams freely.
JH: Free Person!
TM: For me, I will make Harry Potter.
K: Because of Emma Watson?
TM: Is Miranda Kerr making any movies now?
JH: She is a model.
Nylon: Miranda Kerr is dating Orlando Bloom?
ON: keke… doesn’t have a chance.
K: But may have a chance with Emma Watson. She dates weird people. Haha.
ON: She dated a guy from Burberry commercial, before Chelsea player.
JH: But it’s a rumor. You should call first.

Q (for JH): If you have to form a duel group with a comedian, who would it be?
JH: Yoon Saeyoon!
TM: I think it’s a good fit.
ON: Song is really good.
JH: He seems smart and funny. I really like the song.
Nylon: Then, can you do reggae hair too?
JH: No. haha.

Q (for Key): Honestly, who do you think is worse looking than you and better looking than you?
TM: Better looking than Minho hyung.
K: I look better than my dad.
JH: He looks better than dad and worse than mom.
TM: Aren’t you worse looking than Kang Dongwon?
K: It’s hard to say who for sure.
ON: I can answer it. I look better than a puppy…
K: It’s not funny.
ON: I’m worse looking than Kang Dongwon.
K: Can’t you just write that I look better than my dad?

Q (for TM): If someone doesn’t like you, what do you think is the reason?
TM: Probably because I’m selfish.

Q (for ON): What would you like to say officially to your member right now?
ON: Minho, get well soon.

Q (for JH): What is an embarrassing memory you have while sleeping?
JH: I would kick my blanket while sleeping and yell “wow”? Dressing like a girl. (everybody laughs hysterically)
JH: I did this a lot before the debut.
TM: I cannot count how many times I dressed like a girl.
ON: I was more surprised when I saw you.

Q (for Key): What are some items at home you would be most upset about if someone threw them away?
K: Too many, clothes.
JH: Not even one.
ON: Alexander Wang sunglasses.
JH: I will throw it away.
K: I don’t like it when someone invades my space. Isn’t it weird to use my stuff behind my back?
ON: You should lend it when asked. You don’t like someone using your things behind your back? Who did that?
K: When I bout body cleanser.
ON: Oh, that’s right.
Key: It was used so much. (everybody laughs hysterically again). Haha. They thought it was a present so used it. I don’t even like if my mom changes my bedding without telling me. I still use blanket and pillow from home. (laughs). I cannot adapt easily if they change things like this.

Q (for Taemin): What would be the reason if you disappear?
TM: Something really serious. When I decided to walk different road.
ON: Sincere answer.
JH: Curring all ties.
ON: I will not do that, haha.
JH: And you are cleaning somewhere? Then you become Usher? (Usher used to be a cleaner then debuted as a singer).

Q (for ON): What is an item you don’t mind spending money on?
ON: Food.
JH: Yeah, food always comes back.
ON: And I don’t mind spending money on friends.
TM: What about spending money on me?
ON: I mind. (laughs). Once, I spent 50 manwon with friends in one day.
Everybody: Wow! Did you eat steak?
K: I would mind.
ON: But I never think it is a waste to eat with friends.
Nylon: If someone wants to become a friend with Onew?
JH: You have to be reborn.
OH: I have to reborn too and become friends from junior high. My very best friend is from elementary school, 2 are from junior high.
TM: You have to be friends from long time ago.
ON: Yeah. Since I debuted, I couldn’t go home for a long time. My mother runs a restaurant and my friends acted as her soon instead of me after school. Therefore, I don’t mind spending money on them.

Q (for JH): If you are a 007 Bond, who should be the Bond girl?
JH: Lee Minjung. I really like her. Ah, I wish.

Q (for Key): What kind of person you don’t like most?
Key: Someone who has no sense (who doesn’t get it?) But it’s not like that person has a problem, it just means we do not fit.

Q (for TM): What is the best memory from this week?
TM: When we shot title music video.
Key: This one was the hardest. Choreo is amazing.
JH: We were so out of breath.
TM: After shooting the mv, it is a morning. After waking up, it does not seem like it happened yesterday, more like few years ago.
JH: It seems like a dream.
ON: It is the best to go to bed after the mv.

Q (for ON): If you can eat only one food for the rest of your life?
TM: Steak. I can eat it. I love it. I can only it and live.
ON: Only thing you don’t get sick of is ramyun.
K: It lasts one week for me if eat it for only one day.
ON: Really? When I was in junior high, I ate ramyun 3 times a day for 2 months.
Everybody: Why? How?
ON: Since both my mother and father work, ramyun is the simplest to make and eat.
TM: You must be good at making ramyun.
ON: Yes. But I cannot measure water for 2 people.
JH: I’m daebak. I can measure upto 4 ramyun.
JH: TM adds honey to ramyun.
Nylon: Why?
JH: To make it taste better (laughs)
TM: It was bland. I added hot pepper paste first, but added honey when it didn’t seem right.
ON: Also added salt and msg.
TM: Minho hyung ate it and said “Taeminah, this is not right.”
ON: He swore.

Q (Key): How much did the clothes you are wearing cost?
Key: Shoes 4 manwon, pants 5 manwon.
TM: Mine is 2 chunwon?
Key: Studs were 9 manwon, denim vest 9 manwon, T-shirt 11 manwon, sunglasses 25manwon but since it was a present, 0 won. Ring 5 manwon? I buy a lot. I buy a lot of things I like.
Nylon: It’s not as expensive as I thought, today’s outfit.
TM: Today’s? haha.

Q (for TM): Do you know any phone numbers by memory other than your family?
Key: I don’t think I have one.
JH: Me neither.
TM: My best friend Minjae’s number.

Q (for ON): What is the most recent text you received?
ON: My dad just sent “son, are you busy?”
ON: Ja, I will show you. Now. 6:24pm. Dad, you have the best timing.
TM: I got this text. “ I ate.”
ON: You should send, “no.”

Q (for JH): What is a habit you have other people will find odd?
JH: What do I have?
ON: Sleeping with eyes open.
JH: That’s right.
ON: But it’s not a habit.
JH: Then raising pinky finger when drinking water.
Key: I always say something. Please put it down. (Shows how JH does it.)
ON: No, it’s the left hand.
Q (for Key): What is something nobody believes even if you deny?
Key: People thought we were lying when we said we didn’t have cell phones. Some though it was a concept.
TM: We didn’t have one for 1 ½ years. Then I couldn’t remember the cell phone password. (laughs)

Q (for TM): Someone you want to meet, and what would you ask that person for the first time?
TM: God. Is it funny?
Nylon: Nae?
TM: I go to church whenever I have time (Catholic church). I want to ask why He does things if He knows all.

Q (for ON): A great person you admire?
ON: When I was young, I really liked Edison. Edison and Nobel.
Key: For me, Helen Keller.
ON: My childhood dream was to become a scientist.
JH and TM: Mind was a policeman.
TM: Also a president.
Key: I wanted to be an artist and a singer. It was fun learning to draw.
TM: I also wanted to be a pilot.
Nylon: But you didn’t go into those fields?
JH: Um, studying was hard, haha.

Q (for JH): When do you find someone attractive?
JH: When a voice is pretty. It is so pretty when a woman has a cute speech. Usually when someone has a pretty face, her voice is nice too. Haha.
TM: I find a woman pretty when she is hurt or seems weak.
JH: Oh, Taemin’s protective instinct.
TM: Also for man, when he is loyal.

Q (for Key): If there something you would like to do before the world ends.
JH: What do we do.
K: I will go home. Nothing I do will have a meaning.
JH: Have to buy a train ticket.
TM: I will go bungee jumping.
Nylon: Why do you have to do that when the world is ending?
TM: I always thought about doing it one more time before I did. Haha.

Q (for TM): What is the earliest memory you have?
TM: I don’t know how old I was but playing at home. It was a slide but I couldn’t get up on it by myself so my brother lifted me up.
JH: My mother ran a record store. At that time, I was drinking (sucking?) flowers.
TM: The ones with honey?
JH: - -
K: It’s a red flower right?
JH: I drank any flowers (laughs)
ON: Mind is really ridiculous. I remember falling down on the stairs. When I was young one of the neighbor boy bullied me all the time. Hyung pushed me and I fainted. However, I forget the next day and played with him, then get hurt.
TM: It is obvious you hurt your head at that time.

Q (for JH): If you compare yourself to a movie actor?
K: Someone sleazy.
ON: Arnold Schwartzneger.
JH: Arnold…
ON: Werewolf, Taylor Lutner?
JH: When I saw New Moon, I said I will become like him, watch! So like him, I walk around the dorm without shirt all the time.

Q (for Key): If someone steals your computer, what would worry you the most?
K: Photos! I transferred all from my cell phone. I’m not worried about someone exposing them, but losing them bothers the most. I collected them for 3 years and other members gave me all the pictures.
Nylon: Are there any picture that shouldn’t be exposed to the public?
K: There are few the company should be careful of. Haha.

Q (for TM): If someone give you several millions and ask you to give up being a singer, what would you do?
K: You cannot sing anywhere, not just on a TV?
ON: I was going to perform or sing at a club.
K: I think I can do music without being visual. Like at home.
JH: My goal is to become a songwriter so if I cannot do that, I don’t want the money.
TM: I dream was to become the best… I will just earn the money.
ON: It’s several millions.
TM: Ah, sorry but it’s tempting.
JH: SHINee’s answer, “tempting.”
K: Actually, we don’t really care that much about money right now. We don’t know the value of money in exchange of what we want to do. (laughs).
JH: Ask us 5 years later.

Video of Photoshoot

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Cra-Cra-Crazy Yet?

Oh my gosh! Time to blog. SupaECHS's Lei Lei here. We watched the live debut performance of 'Clap' by new boy band "Teen Top" on Saturday and it was really good. They performed it for the first time on Music Core (now you can find the Inkigayo performance as well as the music video on allkpop and youtube). It is so hard to believe that these guys were stepping on stage in front of a crowd for "officially" the first time. They really looked like pros up there. Khymia loved it. She's already trying to learn the dance now. I'm in the mist of school work and studying (ugh! summer classes why?), but we might bring you a vlog of us doing the 'Clap' dance once we both finish learning it. Just so you know I suck at dancing. That's right. The stereotypes are wrong. Not all black people can dance. Honestly speaking, neither of us has any truly amazing dancing ability, though Kai is way better than I am. I'd imagine that it'd make for one awesome fail video though, but still we'll try our best. Lol, I can just imagine it. Even I can't wait to see this video. But while we all wait, you can check out Teen Top dancing to 'Clap' the right way by clicking on either of the two links below.

Teen Top's First Live Performance

Clap MV

Don't forget to comment and tell us what you think.

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MTV’s World Cup Of Rock: Germany Vs. South Korea In The Finals! » MTV Newsroom

Hi Guys! We just heard about MTV's World Cup of Rock. Believe us, if we had known about this competition earlier we surely would have told you. Currently the finalists are Germany and South Korea. Vote for South Korea PLZ!!! If you're a true K-pop fan then you will understand why South Korea should win this competition. You have until 11:59 tonight to vote. We know, but better late than never right? Currently Germany is in the lead and the winner will be announced tomorrow, but we want Korea to win, so go vote!!! We know the power of the K-pop fan world. If just one group's fanclub can crash servers and websites voting for their favorite band, just imagine what we can do as a collective unit. Vote as many times as possible. Blow up MTV's website voting for South Korea. This could be our chance to show the world the awesomeness of K-pop :)

MTV’s World Cup Of Rock: Germany Vs. South Korea In The Finals! » MTV Newsroom

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Code V- "Newbie" Group

Hey World. Lei Lei here. Sticking with the same theme as our first vlog, I wanted to bring to light this "new" group called Code V. I don't know if I can call them new because a website I looked at said they debuted under the name Bless about three years ago, but weren't sucessful due to lack of popularity (other bands debuted at around the same time), which caused them to back out of the music scene.

Well they're back now, new name and all, and I don't think they're half bad. I haven't absolutely made up my mind about them, but I was recommended their video on youtube after watching Infinite's 'Dashi Dorawa', AGAGIN (that song's so addicting) and I liked it.

Anyway, I think they have potential. The links are below. The first link will lead you to their MV 'Addicted' on youtube. The other is an allkpop.com link where you can find their M!Countdown live version of the song and some other random videos. They're not the best live right now. I think with years they'll become much better. Besides, it's hard to sing and dance in general so I commend these guys on their effort. It seems like we're doing a whole 'Support the Newbies' movement right now so I thought that this bit of info was related. Check them out and tell us what you think about the group.



Do you absolutely love them? Do you think they suck? Let us know.

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Hi and Welcome!!

What's up guys? We've already posted our first video on youtube. Here's the link below. Check it out!


We tried to make our second vlog today, but we're already experiencing technically difficulties. Lol. We'll try to have it up by this weekend if all goes well.