Friday, July 9, 2010

Code V- "Newbie" Group

Hey World. Lei Lei here. Sticking with the same theme as our first vlog, I wanted to bring to light this "new" group called Code V. I don't know if I can call them new because a website I looked at said they debuted under the name Bless about three years ago, but weren't sucessful due to lack of popularity (other bands debuted at around the same time), which caused them to back out of the music scene.

Well they're back now, new name and all, and I don't think they're half bad. I haven't absolutely made up my mind about them, but I was recommended their video on youtube after watching Infinite's 'Dashi Dorawa', AGAGIN (that song's so addicting) and I liked it.

Anyway, I think they have potential. The links are below. The first link will lead you to their MV 'Addicted' on youtube. The other is an link where you can find their M!Countdown live version of the song and some other random videos. They're not the best live right now. I think with years they'll become much better. Besides, it's hard to sing and dance in general so I commend these guys on their effort. It seems like we're doing a whole 'Support the Newbies' movement right now so I thought that this bit of info was related. Check them out and tell us what you think about the group.

Do you absolutely love them? Do you think they suck? Let us know.

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