Monday, July 12, 2010

Cra-Cra-Crazy Yet?

Oh my gosh! Time to blog. SupaECHS's Lei Lei here. We watched the live debut performance of 'Clap' by new boy band "Teen Top" on Saturday and it was really good. They performed it for the first time on Music Core (now you can find the Inkigayo performance as well as the music video on allkpop and youtube). It is so hard to believe that these guys were stepping on stage in front of a crowd for "officially" the first time. They really looked like pros up there. Khymia loved it. She's already trying to learn the dance now. I'm in the mist of school work and studying (ugh! summer classes why?), but we might bring you a vlog of us doing the 'Clap' dance once we both finish learning it. Just so you know I suck at dancing. That's right. The stereotypes are wrong. Not all black people can dance. Honestly speaking, neither of us has any truly amazing dancing ability, though Kai is way better than I am. I'd imagine that it'd make for one awesome fail video though, but still we'll try our best. Lol, I can just imagine it. Even I can't wait to see this video. But while we all wait, you can check out Teen Top dancing to 'Clap' the right way by clicking on either of the two links below.

Teen Top's First Live Performance

Clap MV

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