Friday, February 11, 2011

30 Day Kpop Challange: Day 5

Day #5 - Your favorite song by your favorite guy group

Hello everyone!! It's Jihyun and Lei Lei here with Day#5!!
If you watched our Day#1 video on the SupaECHS blog, you heard that our favorite kpop guy group is Super Junior. Today we are here to reveal our favorite songs of theirs. At the end of the blog you can find the Honorable Mentions that did not make the number one spot, but they can't go without being listed XD This was quite a hard task for us since we love all of Super Junior's songs. ^^

Lei Lei: Why I Like You

Honorable Mentions

Reset - SJ (Lei Lei) -- Sorry Sorry Answer - SJ (Jihyun)

Super Girl - Super Junior M (Jihyun) -- Me Super Junior M (Lei Lei)

Tok Tok Tok - Super Junior T + Donghae (Jihyun)

Cooking Cooking - Super Junior H

What If - KRY + Sungmin (Jihyun) --- Let's Not - KRY (Lei Lei)

I Wanna Love You - EunHae (Jihyun)

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  1. Ok like I said my favorite K-Pop guy group is Super Junior and my favorite song by them is Sorry, Sorry. First song I every heard by them and
    I still love it!! ^^

    Other Songs:
    Why I Like You
    Sorry, Sorry Answer
    Super Girl: SuJu-M
    It's You