Wednesday, February 9, 2011

30 Day Kpop Challange: Day 3

The question: Your Ultimate K-pop Guy Bias

Hi this is Jihyun!

Today is definitely going to be my favorite, I love talking about my kpop biases ^^ Haha. I know we’re supposed to be talking about our one ultimate bias – but I’ve got to give the whole list. I'll save that for the end though.

Back to the task at hand, naming my Ultimate Bias. It actually didn't take me long to name my favorite. Only 2 people on my favs list have been around since the beginning of my kpop fandom: Kyuhyun and HyunJoong.

My ultimate choice came to be Kim Hyun Joong. He was the actor who pulled me into the K-dramas that I love today - with "Boys Over Flowers". It's my favorite k-drama and also the first one I watched. I also love "Playful Kiss" and his song "Thank You", that happened to be the first Korean song I learned all the words to. If I went to Korea he would be the first celebrity I'd want to meet!

Honorable Mentions:

Song JoongKi ^^

Cho KyuHyun :D

Lee Hongki ;)

Nichkhun :P

Lei Lei's part. Hello. Hello.

My Kpop guy bias is definitely a hard call. Originally it was Han Geng a.k.a Hankyung of Super Junior before dirty, rotten, mean SM made him flee back to China (do to inequality and slave contracts). So yea, he was my original bias and for a large part he still is - but people keep telling me that he's not legit cause:

a) he's not a Kpop idol anymore and b) Hankyung is Chinese so he was always toeing the line of cheating as a kpop idol in the first place.

But now he's gone and I feel like a piece of the Kpop world I love so much has been taken with him (again, stupid SM!). I currently have alot of Korean ideal type boyfriends, like if this person asked me out I wouldn't hesitate to say yes. There's Big Bang's T.O.P and G-Dragon (when he's showering us with his cute side), Super Junior's Leeteuk and Eunhyuk (don't tell Hankyung), DBSK's Changmin, and SHINee's Minho (he's kinda young so I waver with him alot, somehow I always let that masculine voice fool me).

Those are all my favrotie Kpop guys, but what about Kpop bias status? Because my affection for Hankyung was (is) so deep I never really bothered permanently replacing him with anybody new. That's why for the last year and change, my number one bias has fluctuated often and this here little Kpop Challenge has come right during the time that Super Junior's magnae Cho Kyuhyun holds reign.

I don't know how long he'll stay there for, but currently he does hold the number one spot. Why? Two words. Three Musketeers. I'm an absolute sucker for theater and great literature and to see Kyuhyun participate in both is like grand happiness coma inducing. Also little magnae is shifting more away from his evil title to a cute little screw up (crediting 'Super Junior Foresight' for that discovery) personality and of course if I have to even mention this he is one of the best vocalists in Super Junior and though I do prefer Yesung's voice more I'm starting to understand and appreciate Kyuhyun's vocal appeal.


  1. My Ultimate K-Pop Guy Bias is......CHO KYUHYUN
    Kyuhyun was the very first k-pop artist that I ever noticed. For some reason I didn't know why I was so obsessed with him, so on Friday November 20,2010 I came to the conclusion that I have a crush on him!! >///<
    Kyuhyun also has a very beautiful and powerful voice. I love how his voice sinks in with all the other SuJu members. HE'S AWESOME!!

    Jang Wooyoung
    Lee Junho
    Shim Changmin
    Shin Dongho

  2. SupaECHS Lei Lei here. Saw your post to our day 1 and 2 vlog and blog and I must say I'm so happy you're ding this with us. Your kpop guy bias is JJANG!! XD We're truly kindred spirits here. Keep following along. Can't wait to see how the rest of your challenge answers turn out :)